Friday, April 11, 2014

Running Costs

A mixture of passion, enthusiasm, and an interest in a subject leads me to caution myself from using the word crazy.

What I mean is, when you practice a sport, or academic pursuit, or really any form of activity where you ** really try ** hard you find yourself going to what others might regard as extreems.

Crazy today therefore might seem quite normal tomorrow.

And so to discuss the subject of 

What shoes when!
In our lives both Agata and Marcus do a fair amount of Cycling and Running.  It might be useful to see what mileage we are getting from them, and on a regular route whether one shoe performs better than another. And of course to compare running costs :-)

When Agata first suggested this, I did in fact say: You have to be Crazy! 

Then I considered that the above Asics Gel Kayano 20 shoes were bought in just October 2013 and already they seem to be dead!   (In Switzerland they cost about 280 CHF and in England the same shoes is about 100GBP which translates to about 150 CHF)

Now I don't track all of my runs  (sometimes I forget, and on races I don't carry a watch/ phone) so the above is conservative.  It obviously does not include other foot related activities like cycling.

Since November 2013 (not including October) I ran 1530Km.

Now using the Shoe Tracker website and it's integration into my Runkeeper    I can apparently keep even more stats about my current plods!

I went to the Shoe Tracker Website and before I knew it ,I too had subscribed.  

Ah well,  the Quantified Self, strikes again

Eric Clapton: Got to Get Better

Beatles: Getting Better All the Time

Shoe Tracker
Aerosmith: Crazy Acoustic