Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Refuse in Canton Vaud

Here in Switzerland even disposing of garbage (refuse) is now not free.  Well, I can speak for Canton (Region) of Vaud for sure.

So previously you would buy grey or black plastic bags from the Supermarket and put general waste in them.   Now these bags are illegal

You must now buy these special white bags from a retailer e.g. supermarket

And what you put in the bag is officially limited, other items should be recycled or taken to the decheterie   (refuse drop),  and for that you need to be a resident and also have a special refuse-card.

The price is 2CHF (2.27 USD, 1.20 GBP) per 35 litre bag

Bag Quality

And so to my irate post ** here **.  In the above photograph on the right edge you will see that the Official bag brought from Aldi is defective.

In fact every flippin bag bought there  (2 rolls of bags) was defective.  Leading to bags that would not seal correctly

Now both Marcus and Agata come from home countries were taxing you on the bags is unheard of.  And then supplying us defective bags is the very last straw!

We buy our bags from the Coop supermarket now. The price is the same, set by the Canton.

Sneaky Tactics

Some cheapskates have taken to buying regular black bags and dumping them in town public refuse bins or in other public locations e.g. bins on a public road.

Some Cantons try to fight back by randomly inspecting illegally dumped bags. Identifying the bag dumpers from address labels and prosecuting.  I am not joking

Other Shitty Tactics

Last week I spent some time removing the Glass Bottles and Steel tins from our Apartment complex's Aluminium only recycling. I'm not sure if this is ignorance, stupidity or just another illegal way to reduce what is put into White bags.   This kind of shitty behaviour just completely ruins the existing recycling arrangements. Plus, last time I checked I was not the unpaid Apartment cleaner. 

To Summarise

Canton Vaud, Switzerland has now implemented a pay to dispose of household rubbish scheme based on expensive white refuse bags.

We do approve of recycling wherever possible but also primarily minimising waste by limiting consumption. Charging for bags will go some way to encourage people.

But it is not a cheap option for families and it continues to lead to rubbish dumping by selfish people, which in the worst cases screws up recycling facilities.