Thursday, April 10, 2014

MP3 tagging

Perhaps I am getting freekishly OCD  (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but when if I visit friends and find that they have a disorganised MP3 collection, it makes me want to weep.

It's the sort of thing you do at a party, when the host has rigged their laptop or server into the Hi-Fi.  

I sort of sidle over hoping to put some /better music/ on then I get sidetracked and dismayed by their muddled collection!

My next step would probably be to explain that they can use a tool like


to make things more consistent.

Now I don't want to start a Holy War as to how exactly arrange your hierarchy e.g do you organise by Genre, Artist, is it Firstname Lastname etc

I'm just here to sell you on the tool.

Of course all this pre-supposes that you store your music on a computer filesystem, not within some organising tool like iTunes.

Where is your Music Collection Stored?
Essentially 3 different choices

a) Store your music on a hierarchical filesystem and play it directly using a player like VLC

b) Store your music inside a tool like iTunes, relinquishing control (yet again?) to Apple and hoping that the provider does not go bust   (probably not Apple)

c) Store and play your music in the Cloud, example Google Play Music

Agata Solution

Music is stored as .mp3 files in a file system
Organisation Hierarchy:  artist, album -> tracks
Music stored on NAS (Network Storage)
iTunes used to play music
iTunes does NOT manage the NAS music library
Whilst the NAS could run an iTunes server it does not
Marcus is told to take care of backup!

Marcus Solution

Music is stored as .mp3 files in a file system
Organisation Hierarchy: Category, Artist, Album -> tracks
Songs stored on NAS (Network Storage) for 5 years
All songs i.e. not just last 5 years on Master Server
Master Server backed up to Remote Server

iTunes Library is subset of links into NAS directory
thus, iTunes DOES NOT own the music library

Google Music stores last 20,000 songs I want to keep in a Cloud format. (it is free!)

SoundCloud is subscribed for emergencies

Organising with mp3Tag, An Example
Back to the main point!  mp3 tagging.   Here is an example of taking the Free SoundCloud Album tracks from Amerigo Gazaway

Download The Departure

Install mp3Tag

In explorer mark all tracks and drag onto Mp3Tag window ... now from the menu, let us begin

 Make the numbering inside the MP3 nice

 Set the Genre

 Remove the comment

 Change the filenames

 Ah, all wonderfully pretty and done

And finally

Someone made an effort to make this program.   Why not send them some money, however small, to show your appreciation.

Marvin Gaye Mashup Album
AmerigoMusic on SoundCloud