Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday Sermon: Beeing Nice at Easter

The Bees that live around our Lausanne home our obsessed with Marcus and Agata's apartment windows.

Our window frames have a small external hole that leads into the casing of the frame.  If the frame properly sealed to the wall I guess it just is a nice space around the frame, else I suppose it could lead to the space between the walls.

And so instead of punishing the bees we have blocked up our external holes to stop bee entry and leave the holes facing our apartment free as bee escape holes for any who are lost and trapped.

In essence we are trying to Be Nice

Or Bee Nice

Or Being Nice

And at this Important Religious time of year  (mostly to Christianity and Judaism) we think it is customary to reflect on our lives, actions, words and deeds and contemplate:

What can I do to make this world a more Peaceful and Prosperous place?  

We started by rescuing this Bee who was found buzzing around trying to get out

And so, you too can practice being nice this Easter.

And when you have managed that you should consider being nice, well all of the time.

Learning Point
During Pastover, Pastafarians across the globe are encouraged to eat copious amounts of Pasta, usually; but not limited to Spaghetti, which is cooked "in His image". Pastover celebrates the time when the Flying Spaghetti Monster first began touching people with His Noodly Appendage.

There is no specific time when this holiday takes place, mostly on the whim of the Pastafarians involved.

Since however Pastover is a holiday which can be likened to the Jewish holiday of Passover, as well as the Christian holiday Easter, many Pastafarians will certainly celebrate at these times.

The most important ritual involved in Pastover is the Passing of the Patch. In this time-honoured tradition, each member at the table takes a turn wearing an eye patch, and talks about why they are happy for being touched (by His Noodly Appendage), and how they can best strive to make the world a more Peaceful, Prosperous and Pasta plentiful place.

Meanwhile: In the land of Irony