Monday, April 07, 2014

Lausanne Natation Synchro

The discussion on this last again Summery Sunday   (yes, in April) was what daily exercise to partake in.

Already it is so hot that Marcus who always runs in long clothing to combat his sun allergy is finding it pretty uncomfortable.

And it is only April!

Eventually Agata and Marcus reluctantly decided on an indoor Swim, but a few kilometres of walking later ...

Now, as if by fate it seems that our pool is closed to host the 42nd Elite Championship of the Swiss Indoor Synchronised Swimming


Here is a video we shot watching from the balcony!  Apologies for the mediocre quality limited by the emergency camera. Hmm.

I did not realise until getting home and googling that this competition was quite a big deal.  These really are Elite athletes.  No wonder they were making it look so easy.

We thought we better make up our 10,000 daily exercise steps allowance so we continued our walk down to the Property Exhibition at Ouchy.  

There was plenty of time to talk to each other along our walk and Marcus and Agata contemplated if we will still be out walking and talking together this way when we are old and wrinkly.

Meanwhile, this is what we observed along the way:

 Lots of tuned cars abound

Central Lausanne was uncannily quiet ... where is everybody!

Cars at Aston Martin always seem to be inexpensive on display.   But I checked the stock list, hmm more expensive

Meanwhile I found this 2012 Bentley at Beau Rivage Bentley. Almost a snip, but everything we would hate in a car  (size, petrol consumption, manoeuvrability, insurance, running costs ..)  except for the quality of manufacture.

 An early Hood Cycle.

 A very nice hotel at Ouchy

Lunch from 260CHF and upwards, not including the wine darling.

At Ouchy we bumped into General Guisan.   We remember him from our walk

The lake is not looking too bad.

Obligatory South American music

 Harleys are in town

Sunday market by the lake

Ah, Okay, that explains it.  The whole population of Lausanne is at the lakeside walking or chilling out.

Just time for one more walk along the lake, the Property Show, and then the long stroll home.

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