Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lausanne April 01 2014

I realise give today's date it is easy to be cynical about anything that is written today on

April 01 2014

But in a change from the usual running or cycling Marcus and Agata took the time to do some walking instead.

We believe we are almost unbiased when we say that Lausanne Switzerland is one of the most charming places in the world to live.  And the state of play here April 2014 ...

Let us start with the lakefront.  Not exactly ugly or crowded.

We are so rich here that Helicopters are just normal.    Can you see the 4 baloons that mark the position of the controversial proposed skyscraper.   And corresponding advertising, because there is a vote to come.

A town with a plentiful supply of vintage cars and Harleys.

 A town of traditional beer deliveries.

How many men does it take to tend a flowerbed?

The ubiquitous  postee vehicle.   With extension to cope with the weekly supermarket advertising newspaper.
Late in the day, but smoking inside is finally illegal.  So clutches of desperate smokers outside buildings are commonplace, especially in this <warm> weather.

 Another local Solar Panel station out of action.
 Stairs to the Cathederal don't you know.
Soon a vote to try and enforce the highest minimum wage in Europe.

 More posters of this girl in Lausanne than I can count

One day recently a terrorist threat at the Libyan restaurant.  Disgraceful.

Shrink wrapped boats ready for summer

Since about 2010 there has been construction at the closest village to us of  La Sallaz.    The latest is a series of demolitions

So completion in 2015 we think.  Only 5 years to remodel a single rustic high street!

Overall, Lausanne is a fine place to be.  I leave you with the above musical inspiration.

Wired Phone (Designed in Bussigny Switzerland)
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