Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lausanne 20Km 2014

So to cut to the chase both Marcus and Agata had a successful Lausane 20Km run this Saturday April 26, 2014

Marcus Race Report

We arrived early enough to see the start of the 10Km race and see the first runner arrive at the 7km distance.

We started on time at 18.00.  As in previous years the 20Km has expanded to an all day event for the whole family.   Whilst in principle this is a good thing,  the people who predominantly pay for the whole bash, namely us 20Km runners, get pushed into a last event in the evening spot. Hmm.

With the TomTom watch I was able to determine that I was running unusually fast to start with.   Over 14Km/h at the start. I did not slow down until I had to; which I am sure in retrospect was a mistake.

My first annoyance was my right shoe came loose so I spent about 30 seconds fixing that.  Then I ignored the 5Km water stop expecting an Isotonic stop shortly afterwards.  None!  I had to wait till Km 11 by which time I really needed some fluids.   What kind of chump does not study the water stops before hand. Marcus you muppet!

The ascent to the Cathedral was as gruelling as ever and then the last 3Km of the race is within eyesight of the finish, which is also excruciating.

Still all was finished well.

 The cool down runners cannon at Km 17

Ambulance staff use Segways.

Best Bits
Well the race was dry and just as we changed post race the skies opened and the rain began.  Now 4 hours later as I write this it is still raining.  What very fortunate timing, I must say.

Also at  the beginning and end of the race I ran into multiple ex Work and other runners who I knew.   Wow!  Lausanne is such a small town this just keeps on happening.  That is so wonderful.

Marcus's ribs are still very painful as a consequence of the recent accident but as for the marathon I was doped up to the hilt with Ibuprofen. 

Audio Breakdown
Marcus's earphones broke whilst on the bus to the race.  I was just commenting to Agata how they had lasted well, and a moment later one ear died.   So I had to run the whole race in Mono.  I know, it is a wonder I got round at all I can hear you saying :-)


Marcus 01.31 and Agata 01.44.   Marcus was an astonishing 0.5 second  (yes seconds) quicker than last year

Good times for us and I feel that if I had been 100% well I could definitely have run faster.  Right now I can't breathe deeply due to pain, and breathing is pretty important whilst running.

Thanks again to the superb organisation of Lausanne Sports and we hope to see you again in 2015.

Marcus video diary:
Marcus Lausanne 20Km report