Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knowing my Musical Limits

Music is very important to me.

But as I commented back in 2012  today most of us in the /First World/ have the luxury of the selection of an almost infinite music catalog.

From the legal Streaming services,  free Youtube videos and moving on to the less legitimate torrent sources.

The concept of going over to a friends house to listen to their latest album, (and possibly taping it),  well it makes a quaint tale from mine to the current generation. 

So given the infinite musical catalog that I can now listen to I have had to make some rules:

Establish some limits: For me:

  • No more than 1 new album per day!  That is 7 albums per week tops.
  • No more than 16GB of portable Music!  (Can I imagine the equivalent which was carrying 100 vinyl albums over to a party or a friends house! Er no.)

Where to Get stuff from

Magnetig/Tom Forrester in Poland

Don't be afraid to dump
  • Listen and Listen.  But if it's not good just delete it.   Don't keep rubbish.   Our musical lives are too short

Keeping it Tidy & Prepare
  • I often spend Sunday evening usually correctly formatting all sources using Mp3tag
  • Make the necessary conversions with AudioConverter
  • Loading  up the SwimPlayer for the week
  • Loading up iTunes with the latest albums for the week

Always have a Backup

And now, back to the music

Jools Holland/Marc Almond:Say Hello