Sunday, April 13, 2014

In Renewed praise of Coverville

Coverville is a frequently produced Podcast of cover music from Brian Ibbot.

In Episode 1018 we were treated to a set of 4 covers from the music of Justin Bieber.  That's just a random choice.

I have listened for free for quite some time now.  But I can't tolerate this position any longer.

Imagine the time and effort that is required to put each Podcast like this together, and to maintain the website. To me this is quite remarkable!

So yes Brian.   I have finally paid.  Thank you for several years of enjoyment and we hope that our subscription and those of others will enable you to keep going for some more time ...

What can you do to help Brian?

  • Download/ Listen/ Subscribe  (via iTunes/other) to the Podcast.   Tell others about the Podcast if you enjoy it.  And if you do ...

  • Become a Coverville citizen.  It costs from just 30 USD yearly.  Payment via Paypal and this helps support Brian  (You also get some benefits, but IMHO don't sign up just for them)