Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hapiness, Dancing and Staying Young

Stones:On Fire

Sadly Uncle Mick has been in the press recently, pretty much for all the wrong reasons.

However it did bring to mind the fact that, well at last, he's starting to look quite old and wrinkly.   He is now a staggering 70 years old!

Dude looks like a Lady

I made a comparison with Steven Tyler or Aerosmith who is now 65.

I think Steven wins, hands down.   But then we need to check him in another 5 years time to be fair to Mick.

4 minutes

And of course a proud mention to Madonna (now 55) who because she is a woman is held to a much tougher standard than a man in the ageing race.

What does all of this teach us?

Why:  Happiness, Dancing, Exercise are often seen components to the physically old but young at heart

Staying Young: Part1 of 6