Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Soft Cell: Frustration

I am sure that I remember reading a comment from Les Tokar of the SSD Review  website bemoaning some of his friends who continued to complain about their workstation performance [using spinning hard drives] yet were not prepared to spend a mere afternoon upgrading their systems to using a Solid State Disk [SSD].

Les,  I **really** know what you mean.   Marcus has some dysfunctional friends and family too. People who steadfastly refuse to upgrade their technology despite the fact that the cost (in both their earnings time and effort) is below trivial.

I made an example list

Not only will I list their dilemma but in ( ) I will also list the time that said people would expend to pay for the said item

For over 2 years I said: I don't need a running watch  (5 hours) - now I hang my head in shame. I have one now and it's an excellent training tool.

I must get a Smartphone soon, it will be very useful.  Not sure which one.  - That was 18 months ago.  He is still thinking about it  (3 hours)

Yes,  I will setup Skype soon,  it seems to be a little complicated.  -  My very charming IT friend,   it has now been 6 months and counting

The dishwasher is broken,  I'll do the washing manually until we refurbish the kitchen.  - 2 years later, manually washing for 6 people, the kitchen was renewed   (8 hours)

I've been too busy to look at any of the Teaching videos you sent me.  - Somebody  who to this day, some 9 months later has not watched even 1, Chromebook teaching video. Consequently they can't use that computer system effectively.

My Auntie,  normally forward looking, but a computer phobia:
No, I'm not prepared to use a computer.  I think it would not be reliable (5 days). - I offered to buy her a computer, she refused!

So the moral of this story is, that you can't force stubborn determined people to do anything.  You just have to hope that one day they will see the light.