Monday, April 14, 2014

Drugs and Determination

Given Marcus's perilous physical condition  (re Cycling Accident Thursday April 10th 2014) you might think the last thing I should be doing is entering a running race.

Hmm,  but I just ran another marathon.

Since I seem to have gotten away with it, well, I am still alive and not in hospital, here is the report

Agata's Summary
My darling wife Agata had an even shorter summary than my title:


On Friday, when Doctor Bally confirmed in Lausanne that my ribs were not broken he diplomatically said   (when I proposed the marathon I booked pre accident):  Your Body will tell you if you need to stop.

He did give me a prescription for some adhesive bandages impregnated with Ibuprofen.

Pre Race Drug Loading
I put on 2 of the Swiss formula adhesive pads onto my damaged right chest.   Then I took 4 Nurofen Ultra capsules. After that I could not feel so much pain and pronounced breathing in (blinking painful) was okay.

Km Race Report
The rate started about 8 minutes late so on course timing was a bit out.   But the course was flat.   At first I was on the plod pace because I was not sure if the rib pain might suddenly get worse.

But as the Km continued my chest pains remained both constant and bearable.  So there was a chance to speed up a little.

At best I got upto 13Km/h at Km 20 or so but after that I slacked off to about 12.2Km.h rising to 12.5Km/h for the last 5Km sprint.

I realise that until I am fully regenerated it is going to be difficult to get runtimes back down to a more respectable 03:15 i.e. 13Km/h marathon speed. 

Weather Conditions/ Infrastructure
The weather was about 13 degrees and dry, so quite perfect.

Water stops were plentiful though a little muddled, lots of water and not enough Powerade.  No gels but sometimes Banana and chocolate.

I wore a watch
My TomTom MultiSports allows me to view multiple statistics including pace, speed, distance, average page/speed/.  I started at 11.x Km/h, then after Km5 graduated to 12.0Km/h, and by Km 20 I was upto about 13Km/h.  Piece of cake I thought!  But as distance increased my reported speed seemed to drop.  I swore I was running as fast, so at one point I stopped to see if the Watch had gone wrong!  No, apparently it was right and my perceptions wrong.

In fact in all my Sporting races to date I think this is about the 2nd with a watch!  

(Review of TomTom to follow shortly.   Great display and user interface but issues!) 

Really Interesting this watch thing.

Marathon time: 03:32.  Considering the circumstances, Marcus is very very happy!

Food and Drink
I drank only 4 half cups of water on race   (I was only plodding and not sweating). Post race  I gulped 1 litre of Powerade.  This made me feel sick and I had to quickly return home for some freshly squeezed Orange juice, to calm me down

Marcus ate 4 Powerbar Hydro on the course. I had to carry them because no Gels were provided at any stop.


As Chrissie Wellington also recounted in a story about Triathlon training with a broken wrist, I too can now say: This time I got away with it, but racing with damaged body components is not a recommended long term strategy. Memo to body:  Regenerate.