Monday, April 07, 2014

A series continues

Unless you have been disconnected from the Internet and modern culture for some time you will probably know that Sunday April 6th was the start (in America) of Series 4

Game of Thrones

Marcus and Agata were alerted to the series by friends who were fans and although we don't normally ever like period piece dramas especially those with Knight and Lords, Games of Thrones pulls you in.

For one, the first series makes do without any sorcery or supernatural events (which might have put us off), but very slowly the fantastic elements creep in.    Magical elements, potions and spells, and even Dragons.  But by then you are hooked.

I hear ironically that the HBO digital livestream was so overloaded that last night the servers crashed.

Series 4, Episode 01: Two Swords

Advice for those of us in Europe?

Available from the usual sources :-)