Saturday, April 12, 2014

3 Strikes and I am not yet OUT

I have to admit that 2013 was a good if not a peak cycling year for me.  About 10,000 kilometres cycled.  If I say conservatively that I've been road cycling for 30 years then that is a lot of kilometres/ miles in 1 lifetime.

And until Thursday April 10, 11.44 I had only been in two Cycling accidents.

Now it is 3 accidents :-(  But my lights are not yet OUT

So Thursday was to be the gentle start to some triathlon training.

Already I had swam at 08.30 and by 11.00 I was gearing up for a cycle, with a run planned for the afternoon.   I put on the rather delicate

Speedplay Nanogram pedals onto the training bike and made sure all was in tip top condition.   I then set off cycling south but the journey did not last that long ...

As I was descending down the steep rue de Bugnon, Lausanne, Switzerland  towards some traffic lights in a cycle lane ....

I was gently braking as the lights were red in the cycle lane with stationary cars to my left.   What I did not know was that a student motorcyclist was coming up the hill and then making an illegal left turn, between the stationary cars, and you guessed it cutting straight into my cycle path.


I braked.  I flew

I landed HARD

My reflex response was good.  Get out of the road and start taking photographs.

Emily Pasquini the driver who caused this accident smiles but I am not laughing

There was a witness but when I said I thought I was probably OK  (I wasn't) they left.  I did ask for their name and telephone number but they refused and walked off.

And then the perpetrator left also, leaving me with a tangled mess of a bicycle.

 It bloody hurts just here

Some minor abrasions.  As usual my long clothing saved me from skin on tarmac damage.

The first indication that things were far from well was when I tried to push back the right handlebar grip which was forced inwards on impact with the ground

SHOOTING pains in right ribs.

I mean the sort that could make me pass out.

Eventually I cycled to my local Doctor.


I called darling wife Agata who back from her lunchtime run reminded me that the doctors here close every Thursday. Only in Switzerland.

I went to CHUV casualty and checked in.

Hours later, everybody else who had arrived before and after me had been seen.   I was not.  I had to fill in a form to explain why I was outraged and walking out, then I walked out.

Next stop, police station.

Here I got lucky.  Relatively speaking. I spoke in to Sgt Durig who in good English took down my statement.  It was a really positive experience and put my mind into a better state.

Meanwhile it was now close to 19.00 Thursday and Agata had located my GPS position as reported by Google locations and so as if by magic arrived out of nowhere on her bicycle.

My saviour!

 Despite some ancient looking equipment

Friday morning I did manage to see my GP (local doctor) who after an X-Ray confirmed the ribs were not broken.

So now there are cuts and bruises, and it only hurts <a lot> when I laugh, cough or lie down.

I've spent a further 8 hours or so of form filling, calling insurance companies and asking the motorcycle driver for her details.   She has only replied to ask for mine!  What a bloody cheek.  In total then almost 2 days of time form filling, getting statements and photographs to the police, queuing at doctors, visiting the pharmacy ... whereas she sent me 2 SMS's just asking me questions.

To be continued.