Monday, March 24, 2014

Walking in the Park

Nightwish - Walking In the Air

Yes, not just rain but hail on the balcony.   How the weather has changed.  Just when Marcus and Agata were convinced that Summer weather was here to stay

Hail arrives , big time

I spoke to Mr Bee who lives just outside and he was too cold to comment.

Normally we plan to ramp-up the exercise factor at Weekends, with two full free days, well why not?   This weekend however we even had doubts about stepping outside.

We convinced ourselves this was due to the colds that we have both contracted, suspiciously after our swim of the other morning. Hmmm.

Eventually we proposed a ramble towards Sauvabelin Tower which we can see in the far distance from our balcony

Initially in town and then a few scenic kilometres through forest later we arrived on foot.

We are embarrassed to say that we don't remember the miniature zoo here so it was time to pay a closer inspection:

We are helpless in the face of tiny furry animals and especially little ones.

 A Lamb enclosure!

 Where there is one bunny

 Others are normally to be found

 Cute Piglets

The view to a cafe Restaurant.  It seemed to be open, on a Sunday in Switzerland.  I was almost in a state of shock.

 The fancy wooden tower is sighted.

 Agata on the way up

 Spectacular views at the top.

 We look back trying to find our apartment.

Marcus coming down.  All wrapped up as the Hail started again.

What did we learn?

Despite the sub 10 degree weather and our sickness we did our daily exercise duty.

Luckily summertime returns shortly,  this wintery weather is just a blip.

We still really love Switzerland!  As we get older and more outdoorsy  we appreciate the fact that there are petite forests and nature trails just outside our front door.   Mountains and ski slopes just 45 minutes away.

We plan to enjoy it while we can, because try as we might, this country is too expensive to retire into.

Sauvabelin Zoo Lausanne