Friday, March 21, 2014

The Rites of Spring

Agata was kind enough to inform me that I had missed the first day of Spring, namely March 20.

Since I am at home most of the time, weekends blur into just another day, and so I wish to be forgiven for this larger but similar seasonal oversight.

In the year of 2014 more than any year I can remember in Lausanne  the temperature has risen early.

Last night, on the first day of Spring it was a stunning 18 degrees Centigrade in the shade at 18.00 in the evening.  Quite astonishing.

What are the immediate consequences?

More Summer Clothes Filing

At 07.00 this morning it was 9 degrees C so this is almost the last day for winter cycling trousers.

If you don't cycle then please notice the above trousers which are fleece lined inside.  Also the huge soft pad that provides cushioning and insulation for important areas in cold weather!

Since the saddle is Carbon you /always/need to cycle with a padded short, else you will be on your way to the hospital.

Another Bicycle Check

Marcus has only 2 bicycles but the more race oriented /&summery/ bicycle needs further undusting and tweaking.

I wanted to replace the 150 gram Continental Supersonic tyres for something more practical.   But I just can't bear it!   

The combination of race tyres on sub 1300 gram Mavic R-SYS lightweight  wheels is an irresistible combination.

In motoring terms  I might suppose to liken the sort of handling difference of race vs regular tyres as between driving up a twisty mountain road in our trusty Audi TT or taking a Ferarri 458.     And with a 458  I'd be better supporting the local Lausanne economy, since the dealer Garage Zenith is a mere 2.8 Km from home. Donations would be welcome.

But I digress.

A final custom cutting of the rubber to my Moon Crescent rear lights reduces the weight to under 50 grams

But the Spring is not all about fun ...

Mosquito Alert
Our Dyson vacuum was used yesterday to pickup the seasons first Mosquito!     Agata and I are worried that the mild winter might not have killed enough of them off and we are going to have a plague as we head towards summer.   Ooops.

Springing Forward

British summer time begins on Sunday March 30, at which time the clocks will go forward by one hour.  So nighttime runs or cycle by the lake will again be in darkness. Boo hoo.

And with that it is time to finish musically, with some classic British Rock and Roll.     The zombies: Time of the Season  .  It is shocking to see the decadence of 1969 again.

Time of the season: Basswave remix
Time of the Season: Electronic