Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Surely God will make her well if He hears our prayers

I was not only dismayed but further saddened when I continue to hear that /the power of prayer/ is being used as a serious tool to aid in the recovery of wreckage and survivors from the recently crashed Malaysian Airlines flight MAS370 MH370.

I can only suggest that adults too, read the above elementary text which might explain why their approach is unlikely to work best.

Humanism: What is That

Mrs. Green is teaching her daily science class one day when suddenly she receives terrible news: A popular student named Amanda has been struck by a car on her way to class and is now hospitalized with serious injuries. 

"Let’s all pray for Amanda," says one earnest classmate. "Surely God will make her well if He hears our prayers."

Mrs. Green is confronted with the dilemma that every public school teacher must be ready to deal with. While the church-state separation laws won’t allow school prayer, Mrs. Green wants to do something to help her students cope with a life-threatening situation that has raised deep questions.

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