Saturday, March 22, 2014

Running my Android Windows OSX Cromix Anywhere and Anytime

Currently at the stage of strong rumour, but I was saddened to hear that in an unusual agreement between rivals:

Google and Microsoft

have put pressure on ASUS to stop selling computers which can simultaneously run multiple Operating Systems.

Here is the [latest] Article

For Computer Professionals and Savvy users, we don't appreciate being limited or forced to run 1 particular Operating System on our Computer of [perhaps somebody else's] choice.

I'm quite happy to buy the actual Operating System  (Apple OSX) for example, but then think it would be just fair and reasonable if I ran it on the fastest compatible hardware that I had to hand, be this an Apple Computer or something else.

The product that usually makes this possible is: 

EMC's VMWare or ESXi.   
[note other virtualisation environments like VirtualBox and HyperV are available]

For years now it has been able to exactly simulate older generations of Microsoft and even Apple Hardware for Intel based Processors

Of course VMware did allegedly agree (under pressure from Apple) to cripple VMware under Microsoft Operating systems to stop it running OSX.   For some reason however the reverse is not true:   MS Windows runs just fine inside VMware Fusion under OSX.   How unfair.

So What do I recommend to run everything Everywhere

Android    VMware or Physical Minix PC

OSX          Mac Mini or Fusion or VMware unlocked.       

Z80 Cromix:      ZEMU emulator under MS Windows

68000 Cromix:  Real Hardware required. Connect to a serial terminal on a PC running putty

68020 Cromix Plus:  Real Hardware required. Connect to a serial terminal on a PC running putty

OS2 or eComStation:          VMware

DOS aka FreeDOS:            VMware

Windows 2.x 3.x: (16bit)       VMware

Windows Vista32:                VMware

Windows XP/2000/2003/2008   VMware

Linux (32 or 64 bit)               ESXi or VMware

The Screenshot shows a VMware window running Microsoft Vista, which is running alongside OS/2 (16 bit), Ubuntu 64bit and FreeDos (16 bit) all sitting on a real 64bit Windows 2012 Storage Server platform.

Inside the pictured VMware Vista window is a blue PCOM serial terminal connecting via COM2: serial to a physically real external Cromemco 68020 computer.  On the right window is a ZEMU Z80 emulator with hardware abstractions, emulating Cromemco Cromix 11.27.

I can get to a real OSX remote computer by simply using TightVNC.

Finally by pressing a button on the ASUS screen I can switch inputs from the Dual DVI PC screen output to the HDMI MINIX PC running android.