Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pomegranate in 5 minutes

Agata and Marcus first became interested in Pomegranate's when we saw  Morgan Spurlock's  The Greatest Movie ever Sold

In homage to that movie we insisted on drinking Pom wonderful at every opportunity and particularly before races on our last 2 visits to the USA

But wait.  Pom Wonderful is not sold in Switzerland!
[Note to readers.  A lot of things you might like are unavailable in Switzerland]

Also, we are proud to say that we don't buy any processed or freshly squeezed juice.

Today we are stepping up from the normal Oranges and Grapefruits.   We've moved up to Pomegranates.

I already related the benefits of a electric squeezer.

Read this article

Building on this, in just 5 minutes you can have a glass of Pomegranate juice for breakfast ...

Let's start with the machine and empty glass all ready

3 pomegranate's are good for over 200 ml of juice.

 These can be squeezed in about 2 minutes dead.  But wait there is some cleanup ..

This is the reason why you would be insane to attempt a manual press.   Look at how many seeds need clearing and cleaning.

 That takes about another 2 minutes.

At last it is time to relax with a refreshing healthy and excruciatingly sour glass of pure Pomegranate juice.


  • In Switzerland, Pomegranates are very expensive.  About 2.50 CHF each.  So that is 7.50CHF (5GBP or 8USD) for my small breakfast drink!
  • This whole exercise is impossible without a juicer, unless you like to spend about 30 minutes of your time instead of 5 to make a small drink
  • In Switzerland we recycle all our raw food, so we have to take time to take this Organic material to the organic refuse
  • The proven health claims of Pomegranates are not well founded.  But we can certainly say they were exaggerated by the company POM. From the [scientific] literature we have read however,  freshly squeezed Pomergranate juice is healthy and only may have noted health benefits. 

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