Saturday, March 08, 2014

LED and Fluorescent Light upgrades in 2014

Manfred Man: Blinded by the Light

As Marcus and Agata get older one thing we surely need in view of our diminishing eyesight is stronger lights!

And today this is now possible using Energy Saving LED and Fluorescent technology...

In the Cave

As you know, Swiss apartments have a Underground area which in principal can be used as a Nuclear shelter.   By convention this /cave/ is normally divided into storage areas per apartment. ...

I am replacing the 20W Philips bulb in the basement with a slightly larger 18 Watt, /Dalek/ style light bulb.

Usually we are only in the cave for a minute or so, and so an instant on to 100% LED light will suit our needs better.

Actually measured at about 17 Watts.

Believe me this light is incredibly bright.  And looks like a Dalek.  Bonus!

In the Hallway
We had initially ordered a LED replacement for our failed T8 Fluorescent tube kitchen light which died after many years of valiant service.

But 2 weeks later nothing arrived, and then I found that the local DIY store had a 8CHF  (6GBP) Fluorescent replacement.  This compares with the 55CHF LED item!

Just to confirm that ... the LED item is 7 times more expensive.  700%

So here is the replaced kitchen tube. Identical to the old, busted old one.

So 3 weeks later ...
The LED item finally arrived this week.  Considering the postage cost I thought it was being hand delivered by drone.  I guess not. Hmm.

 Lots of LEDs

 I checked; and the kitchen mounting cannot fit the LED unit because of the plastic shoulder at the end of the LED item. Ridiculous.

Here is a comparison the the new Fluorescent and the LED item.

Finally the new LED item is installed in the hallway downstairs.  It is unbelievably bright and super cool looking!  Such a shame it could not live in the kitchen.  But it is being put to good use downstairs.

In the Lounge

We needed a single strong uplighter to compliment the all LED or  IKEA Fluorescent GU10  (no longer sold) recessed ceiling energy saving downlights.

The outgoing Philips Fluorescent is 21W  (though measured with the Power meter at an actual 18Watts)

I've never found any stronger bulbs but doing Internet research I found a whole new category of stronger:

Photographic Bulbs.

I ordered a 40W and some 135Watt bulbs!  They were unbelievably cheap from Asia.

The 135 Watt unit on the left is significantly larger than the outgoing 21Watt Philips.  But the 40W on the right is only just a little larger.

Installed; and it is really ...  really bright.  I am most pleased.

What about those 135 Watt Bulbs?
We don't have a ready use for them right now.  Given that they kick out about x4 the light of a regular bulb, it is the equivalent of a 600Watt incandescent light.

Maybe in the Guest/ Sports room to dazzle unsuspecting visitors!

Apart from the T8 light which was overpriced and late, the other lights were from eBay shippers in Asia.  They were cheaply priced, worked 100% and are not only incredibly bright but actually super power efficient.


Available From?
LED Dalek Bulb 20W
T8 Flourescent LED 120cm G13
45 Watt Studio Bulb
135 Watt Studio Photographic Bulb