Saturday, March 15, 2014

Geneva Motor Show Salon de L'auto 2014

I can now admit that Marcus and Guido have successfully navigated the  2014 Geneva SALON DE L'AUTO

Here are the highlights complete with Marcus' uber critical commentary: 

Much time spent in the Accessories and Tuner section because it is home to many souped up/ unusual  cars like this Alpine.

This is the 21 inch wheel of the Infinity QX70.   The largest wheel on a production car that we saw all day.

There is something sophisticated yet relaxed about the SL and the latest incantation is no exception.

 Sandwich tables available in the big Mercs.   
Merc reminded me that a base priced 106K CHF car can be driven away for just over 209K CHF once some extras are added.

 BMw M4 is impressive despite this awful colour.

Guido assures me these funky mirrors are carried over from previous M3 generations.

 A cutaway Morgan showing some of the wooden body chassis

And a Morgan with its' clothes on

Another new Roller with a fancy rear hinged door: for men or women who have eaten way too much.

It is difficult not to like/ love the 458 and in this Speciale edition; even more attractive.  I presume this /hotter/ version is no more flammable than the rest of the range.

 A variety of special edition 500's to satisfy every taste.  Here sans rear seats.   Marcus thought the interior could be more classy.

An old classic Abarth with the characteristic Engine cooling solution.

One of several brands who I presume just take an expensive car, (Ferrari?), do some cosmetic customisation and increase the price ... a lot.   If money really is no object sir to pay for Individualisation, then step this way.

The perfect car for that Geneva analytical genius after those record Wall Street bonus payouts ... Quant.

Zoom in to see the words Concept on this Honda Type R.   All they had to do was stick a bigger Engine in, tweak the suspension and wheels.   Now Honda your delay in releasing the Type R makes you beyond a laughing stock.
The /Power of Dreams/ indeed because they never produce anything you actually want, on time!

The regular Nissan GTR looked big and this above Nismo larger still.  I was a little suspicious of the show car which appeared to still have Rear Seats.  I thought the Nismo was TrackPack+ and hence seat-less (except for a thin cover) in the back.

Tesla saloon includes 2 extra rear seats.  What a perfect Party car transporter.

We tried to find the Engine.  Yep, entirely missing, just boot space in the front and back.  Impressive.
No matter how much you pay for a car some areas like this under bonnet wiring makes your [Tesla] car look cheap. I bet the Pagani does not look this tatty under the hood.

 I swear this Lexus racer is not touching the ground ...

 Do you see what I mean?

Meanwhile Sbaro were practising making a vary fancy large and retro car.  Dictators only need apply.

When you simply have to have the ultimate death challenge every time you ride .. install a Ferrari engine into your 3 wheeled motorbike.

With the Engine at the back the Roding makes ingenious use of the space up front.

The Bentley Continental in its new V8 form, complete with 4 wheel drive and lashings of style, elegance and presence would still be the GT car of choice for Marcus and Agata.

Taking a cue from Porsche, here is the Gen 3 TT, looking exactly like the outgoing in 2013, Gen2 model.

If you like convertibles and the Sun; then the newly announced Porsche 911 Targa 4, 4S takes some beating.  I was fascinated to see that the Engine really is crammed into the back and the detachable roof is stowed on top.  Impressive.  I mean impressive how little volume a Petrol engine takes.

If I read this most optimistically for Porsche; their hybrid vehicles contain a maximum of 3.6 x 3.8 =  14KwH of Battery power.  At a fuel efficiency rate of say 20% this is equivalent to about 6 litres of Petrol. I can see what is being attempted.  You can recharge batteries on deceleration / regenerative braking. But still those batteries, the regeneration gubbins adds a shed load of weight that you carry around all, yes all the time.

Guido and Marcus really liked the Boxster/ Cayman.  As a car as opposed to a babe attracting magnet we feel it would get round a track or road circuit faster than the 911.

The sensible money is still on Pagani.   Please don't order yellow in Real Life.

Koenigsegg One.  What a supercar! Look up the power outputs

The new McLaren 650s positively visually eclipses the MP412C.

 McLaren proves that CARBS can indeed look sexy.

The 650S underbody.  As you can see a Carbon tub still has a majority metal front and back section due to crash regulations.

Bonnets up on the C7 Corvette.  Everybody says it's a great car.  I saw a gearshift model with flappy paddles.  How on earth does that work please?

With the roof out there would definitely be space for Marcus's bicycle but probably not 2.

Members of the public doing a variety of stupid things.  First prize a free day with the Camaro.   Second prize ... two days.

Finally:This is only a partial photo selection.  The fully edited Picasa photo album is here.

And here is the slide show ...

We had a great day out.   Thanks Palexpo and Geneva.