Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Generous to a fault

Recently an acquaintance told us that his TV had broken down and was there anything that we could do.

I did propose a cheap replacement, but Agata with her heart of gold proposed we give him our beautiful, elegant Samsung 46 inch 6510 television.

After I had calmed down and realised that my wife was always right, I agreed.

And so this weekend after a lot of driving, carrying  (it is 20Kg but awkwardly sized) and even setup, I am proud to say that we have installed mr Sammy in his new home.

So we have done our duty and behaved most generously. I hope he fully appreciates our gift. However, this leaves us without ANY television.

Marcus comments: I am very much into minimalism but this is going too far.  In the early 2000's we survived for about 4 years without a Television, but given that we are paying for an Internet TV subscription  (that Swisscom does not allow us to cancel),  I am not sure how long we will last TVless.  Hmm