Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do you have a Plan

Sheldon:Planning the Road Trip

A now frequently asked question of people meeting Marcus, now that he is /between/ jobs is

Do you have a Plan.

A Work Plan
A Life Plan
In general a Plan?

The first trivial and unhelpful answer can be gleaned from the 17 Jack Reacher novels that I have finished reading

Hope for the best, plan for the Worst

But this seems to be an unsatisfactory response to some people.  So let me try again.

Early in the morning Agata and Marcus get up.  How early varies.  Today, our exercise class in the park meant 05.45.

Before leaving the dishwasher is started and Swiffy is sent working

Run to the lake and participate in hearty exercise.

Afterwards run or cycle back up to North Lausanne taking care to feed the cats and pickup the post.

On entering the Apartment the main Computer Server is started.  Checking those Terabytes of Memory takes much time to startup .....  Start NAS (Network Attached Storage) and Scanner.

As they are starting dump all exercised and other clothes into washing machine, program the 93 minute cycle.

Get to server and Logon,  automatic synchronisation starts, cloud sync starts, move on....

Head to shower and whilst getting clean contemplate the top 8 work items for the day (any more I cannot remember).

Exit shower and write down work items.  Head towards lounge. Until completed: feed scanner each time you walk it with post items, items get propagated via automatic FTP (File Transfer Program) to NAS and eventually to server and cloud.  
Arrive lounge, start Lounge Video Interface and tune into BBC News or CNBC/ CNN.   Whilst listening to world News and Financial make a healthy breakfast.

Post breakfast start Working.

So given this level of Organisation, Concurrency, Integration, can you imagine that I would not have a plan?