Monday, March 03, 2014

Daytime Driving Lights in Switzerland

I was very surprised to learn that from Jan 01 2014, it was mandatory in Switzerland to drive around with /daytime lights/ on all the time.

If you don't then there is a 40 franc fine   (about 25 GBP).

Whilst the law officially came into effect at the beginning of the year I understand that the Police have been giving out warnings to motorists in this initial period, which has now ended.

It all starts with the EC Regulation 87

Here is the overview link  from where you can read the initial document, followed by a hilariously long series of corrections and amendments.

Next read regulation 48  which says gives rules about when the Daytime lights must switch on and off operationally.

Again a hilarious set of Revisions and Amendments make one realise that bureaucracy and well ordered documentation are poles apart from one another.

Since Switzerland is not in the EC they make a companion Law:

Loi fédérale sur la circulation routière, 15 juin 2012.

So what did I learn?

  • I am impressed that the EC considered it in 2008, the Swiss  in 2012 and have instigated a decent time frame for implementation
  • I read this could add upto 2% additional charges motoring charges due to the additional electricity cost
  • I initially thought this was /yet another scam/ to send all Swiss motorists to the expensive Garages for running light installations.   I 100% withdraw that idea since my research shows it was a 2008 EC initiative.
  • You can of course just use sidelights or even existing headlights if you have an older car without daytime driving lights.  However the Swiss I have spoken to will be /upgrading/ their cars with LED lights.  It is going to be a driving light upgrade bonanza at a local Swiss garage near you.

Swiss Law changes for Driving Lights
Mandatory driving lights from Jan 2014 in Switzerland
Loi fédérale sur la circulation routière, 15 juin 2012.
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