Monday, March 10, 2014

Clean Bandit : Rather Be

Clean Bandit:Rather Be

This is a small Blogpost apology.

Initially I had rated the above video average and quirky contrasting with the attractive and catchy music of Clean Bandit's single Rather Be.

However, I have had a change of heart

  • The video contains cute footage of cats.  Always a plus
  • Ample use of Classical instruments.  As an ex violinist I really appreciate that.
  • Whilst the promo video does not make sense exactly, it makes a lot more sense than some of the lacklustre, unimaginative videos in the UK Dance top 40
  • Clean Bandit released only isolated Singles so far.  Rather Be is an example.  Not good for impatient people like Marcus.  However good for their Bank balance in these pirated times.  So oveall, I do approve.

Forthcoming album New Eyes tracklist is confirmed as

1. 'Mozart's House'
2. 'Extraordinary' (feat Sharna Bass)
3. 'Dust Clears'
4. 'Rather Be' (feat Jess Glynne)
5. 'A&E'
6. 'Come Over' (feat Stylo G)
7. 'Cologne' (Feat Nikki Cislyn and Javeon)
8. 'Telephone Banking' (Feat Love Ssega)
9. 'Up Again' (feat Rae Morris)
10. 'Heart On Fire' (feat Elisabeth Troy) 
11. 'New Eyes' (feat Lizzo)
12. 'Birch' (Feat Eliza Shaddad)
13. 'Outro Movement III'

  • Did I mention the cats?

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