Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Big 1TB SSD 4TB 5TB 6TB Hard disks in March 2014

This is a short summary or perhaps an aide memoire to myself as a reminder that 4TB hard drives will shortly lose their status as leading edge consumer disk technology

Established Drives
Seagate ST4000DM000 
aka Barracuda 7200-14
1TB per platter. 4 platters/ 8 heads

Hitachi 4TB HDS724040ALE640  0S03356 / H3IK40003272SE
Hitachi is my drive of choice for over 12 months now:
Solid and reliable
Sensibly priced

Just Shipping in SSD land:
Not in the biggest capacity league, but Crucial whilst still holding back on M.2 disk shipments has released the M550 series of SSD to stay competitive.

The Only Crucial worth considering for Data Storage is logically the 1TB part . SSD Review published a review

And Coming Soon
Toshiba 5TB MG04 - almost shipping tomorrow
Another announce

Hitachi 6TB - promised to be shipping
5 year warranty
7 platters  (means lower platter density than Seagate)
Helium filled
Spec Page
Hitachi HUS726060ALA640 HUS726060ALA641 

How to read the Ultrastar model number
HUS726060ALA640 = 6TB, SATA 6Gb/s, 
64MB buffer
U = Ultrastar
S = Standard
72 = 7200 RPM
60 = Full capacity — 6TB
60 = Capacity this model, 60 = 6TB
A = Generation code
L = 26.1mm z-height
A6 = Interface, SATA 6Gb/s, 512n 
(S6 = SAS 512n)
4 = 64MB buffer

0 = No encryption (1 = encryption)

Seagate 6TB - announced only
ships last after Toshiba and Hitachi
Seagate ST6000NM0104
128MB Cache
12Gb/sec SAS option
Seagate 6TB Datasheet

Marcus Comments for 5/6 TB Drives

  • New Hitachi is king of capacity, but aerial density is lower than Seagate so 7 platters are required to get to 6TB
  • Manufactures are claiming in excess of 150MB/sec sustained transfer rates for the to be shipping spinning drives.
  • Cache sizes are still /only/ 64MB apart from Seagate which moved to 128MB
  • The Consumer and ProSumer sectors are not thought to value 12Gb/sec SATA since no native motherboard adapter support is available, so it's not offered on large capacity products by any vendor.