Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A SWISS Airing

Now, that as we say, Marcus is spending considerably more time at our Lausanne home in Switzerland we are delighted to say we can participate in another old and customary Swiss tradition.

Daily Airing the Quilt & Pillows!

Yes, when one is walking in the mountains, or even around our local streets, it is not unusual to see people hanging out their continental quilt over their balcony.

I am most proud to join this ancient tradition.

Of course this only works well in an area which is
a) Not over polluted  - check 
b) Sunny  - check

c) Now tell me how sunny? - Yes that sunny on our balcony.

d) As you can see we made some hygienic improvements. We lay the quilt out on a meticulously clean couch, not a potentially dirty balcony

e) We throw in the potentially sticky morning sports shoes and any other equipment that does not get washed daily.