Saturday, March 29, 2014

A spot of Evian darling

Marcus and Agata are conscious that the time for the yearly 180Km cycle race around the local Lake Leman approaches. Sometime in May we understand.

Cyclotour du Leman

As such, this Saturday we thought we would remind ourselves of the route upto Evian.   Yes, that French town, the one where the fizzy water comes from is just about 70Km away from us, here in Lausanne Switzerland.

From the above photograph you can see that the summer weather is back again in Lausanne, we hope to stay this time.

Just into France and it is time for a short food stop.

Proof we really are in Evian town centre!

Marcus snapping

Agustine, today pre bicycle upgrades.

Leaving Evian

It costs 8CHF per bicycle for the ferry, and 23CHF for a person!

View back to Lausanne

And Later Back home
To confirm the Stereotypes for the day, we are back in Lausanne to discover that the local Swiss supermarket is gearing up for a festive chocolate eating frenzy.  

 That is the purpose of Easter right?

Note: We are pleased to see that Swiss children will read anywhere, anytime :-)

Including our pre and post cycle journeys it has been about an 80Km cycling day.  We are very pleased!