Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Which team do you support

Which team do you support is the uncomfortable phrase that comes to mind from my childhood.  I spent my formative years in the North of England, an area where football passions run high.

The implication from the question is of course that you support a team, the questioner just wants to know which one.

As somebody who then, and still now cares not for football the answer then was: I don't support any team.   This response was normally enough to cause confusion, a subtle short circuit in the questioners brain.   Comments like:  But you must support a team!  Come on, tell me, which one?

I suppose an analogous question of the time might have been: What religion are you?  The answer that you had /no belief in religion/   would have let to similar confusion.

Luckily for Marcus and Agata, we did not grow up in America.   Then and even now American Football is a much more serious business.  I am sure that in some States or Circles not supporting a team would just be heresy.  And of course right now we are experiencing the National Football League Super Bowl

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