Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weathering the Storm

One of the clear premises for having a beautiful but capable car with 4 wheel drive

is of course that the weather here in Switzerland is best combated with 4 wheel traction and not just 2.  But this Winter we have had almost NO snow here in Lausanne  (that settled) and currently

The temperature exceeded 10 degrees Centigrade last weekend and is forecast to be at just below this for the whole of this week.

Not so fortunate Marcus's old home countries of England and America ...


We had planned to attend a weekend running Race or two in South West England e.g. Cornwall.  No we are not so sure?


(North Carolina)


So to all those in peril we feel for you and hope that your Government is getting a technological grip to ease your pain.

Meanwhile back in Lausanne

It is practically summer time


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