Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TEDx Lausanne 2014

On Monday Marcus and Agata took time from their busy lives to attend the TEDx Lausanne conference.

TEDx is an independently organised event in the spirit of TED  (ideas worth spreading).

TED conferences are extremely prestigious and one day we hope to afford and attend the normally US or Canadian based mothership conference. 

Back to Lausanne.

We had an immensely interesting and enjoyable day.  Here are the summary points.

  • The conference was held in West Lausanne at the University
  • The venue was accessible by Metro and started on time!
  • The format was short lectures from local speakers. An example:   Guido Palazzo, Moral stretching for consumers. Or, Manual Klarmann, Eating is an environmental act.
  • A wide range of fascinating talks
  • Only one of the talks annoyed Marcus, and he's super critical so that is saying something!
  • Some talks were merely video presentation from prior TED talks.  This was a bit of a cheek, but the videos were awe inspiring, so I forgive them.
  • There was a generous afternoon with a fantastic, quality and seemingly endless supply of canape.  Very impressive.
  • The event was well timed and well paced.
  • Overall the organisation and execution was exceptional.
  • As quite timid people; Marcus and Agata did find the courage to talk to a few Strangers!   We had been told to put our passions on our Badges as keywords.  This helped identify potential talking partners.
  • We actually bumped into people that we already knew.  This gave us a very good feeling.

Overall a very interesting day and well worth the money. It was non trivial, but eventually I scanned the programme here

Amy Cuddy:Fake it until you become it

I will leave you with the above inspiring video, which is from a TED 2012 talk.  The 2014 TEDx Lausanne videos will be posted on the Official Website later

TEDx 2014 Lausanne Programme
TED YouTube channel
TEDx YouTube Channel  (warning, large content additions every week!)