Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Night Listening to the Radio

To set the scene, Marcus and Agata have not quite been sitting on our ****s all day.  We did manage a small relaxed cycle.

This is thanks to 
a) Winter being over in Switzerland
b) Sensible Thermal clothing, because in shaded parts of our route it was down to low single figures deg C

But as Sunday evening drew in; Marcus retreated to his study to settle into one of those most traditional English activities

Listening to BBC Radio4

Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to listen to the BBC Radio4 schedule, either live or on demand.  All you need is an Internet connection.

So to all my friends here in Switzerland or even America

Why not listen to Professor Hugh Montgomery right now

Kirsty Young's castaway this week is Professor Hugh Montgomery.
His area of academic specialism is intensive care medicine and he's also known for his pioneering genetic research into the ACE fitness gene - which determines our capacity for either strength or endurance.
In themselves significant achievements. But he is also, a children's author, an ultra-marathon runner and the current holder of the world record for playing piano underwater. At the age of only 15 he was also part of the dive team that investigated the treasures of The Mary Rose.
He says, "I've learnt that life can end randomly and pointlessly at any time. I don't want to be on my death bed and think 'damn! I wish I'd learnt to paint and write songs'"

Further I'd recommend that you visit the main BBC radio Website from where you can sign up for a BBC iD so that you can indicate your favourite programs.  Once you do that it will track what you still have to listen to.

For me, since the musical segments are abridged,  the great musical selections had me pausing the playback and ...

temporarily switching over to YouTube to pickup full versions of the guests' selections.

Another great relaxing evening.

Technology has certainly moved on.  It's no longer Once upon a time in the West.   The Internet is here to save us all.

Professor Hugh Montgomery DID
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