Friday, February 28, 2014

Still Searching for the Key ... the USB Key

Like most Computer professionals I move a lot of data. Between locations I make use of the USB key and since USB 3 arrived in 2009 I have been looking for a decent key.  

It is now been over 4 years of frustration later.  However  I am still searching for a USB Key with these characteristics:

  • At least 80MB/sec [ so in my 5 minute coffee threshold I can transfer at least 20GB]
  • Very Small [so it is ultra portable]
  • No Cap, preferably slide  [so it is protected and I can't lose the cap]
  • Keyring attachable [so I have it with me always]
  • LOW Weight  [under 10 grams]
  • >= 64GB  [so I can move a whole Database]
  • Good aesthetics [we need form as well as function]
I do have a major aversion to putting crap, unnecessary objects on my keyring.  These could include a

  • SecureID    (there is a software program, or just ask the NSA)
  • Battery Charger
  • Seatbelt Cutter
  • Keyfinder   (whistle)
  • Light
  • Leatherman

Of course the principle objection to these extra objects is based on weight.  I'm not carrying  (usually by running or cycling) all those extra grams around all day.  So speaking of weight ..

The Current Status Quo

My 4 gram Muji Keyring is hard to beat 

And what do Marcus and Agata currently use?

Agata has a stylish USB2 key. Kingston Data Traveller. Keyring attachable.  6 Grams. There is no USB 3 equivalent!

Marcus for the last 4 years has used a 64GB micro SD card inside a carrier,  3 grams, terrible aesthetics, USB 2.0 key still going strong but sloooow.

Here are the leading contenders for an upgrade, which all FAIL on some important detail: