Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Running Cromemco CDOS under Microsoft Windows

This is an end to end tutorial on how to run Cromemco CDOS inside the  ZEMU emulator running on Microsoft Windows.

Setup noticed it was about to overwrite some Microsoft libraries with older binaries so I said LEAVE existing binaries  (i.e. don't overwrite) when prompted.

  • Start Emulator Program   (don't press Run yet)

  • Load Cromemco RDOS  (Resident Disk Operating System) version 03.12  from C:\emulator\RDOS\rdos312.hex
  • Load I/O Port ReMap c:\cromemco\IOMaps\Cromemco.iom

  • Load Disk A:, which is a bootable 8" floppy disk in Dave Dunfield Image Disk format

    I used c:\emulator\DiskImages\CDOS\060C253.dsk

  • Change format of A: disk to Cromemco Cromix Double Sided and Double Density which is CDOS8DSDD512.fmt

  • Open a TTY and select Cromemco 3102 terminal mapping

  • Now everything is ready, RUN the emulator by pressing Run Button

And here are some more screenshots for you to enjoy

I plan to make some more posts with Z80 Cromix as time permits.  Since Zemu is a Z80 only emulator we cannot attempt to run 68000 Cromix  which uses a combined 68000 and Z80 codebase.