Thursday, February 27, 2014

Relative Values

Tom Cruise: Vanilla Sky

When I say Relative Values, of course I not only mean comparative values between two viewpoints, but also the values of my Relatives!

My thoughts crystallised  this week as I failed to sell my Western Digital 2TB hard disk for a modest price

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from a man who told me he was

Doing Well
In our short conversation he enthusiastically claimed to be /doing well/.  But despite this he wanted a big discount on my hard disk and some extras too.

Like a muppet I agreed, but 3 no show appointments later, inconveniencing Marcus and Agata, we gave up on this /successful/ young man. 

Cutting Back
I spoke to a relation, who told me that since her Unemployment had started, their family was cutting back.   Indeed she aplogised for her downgraded car, now merely a Japanese Hatchback.

But some moments later whilst discussing schooling costs for her children Jemimah and Tarquin, it transpired that each term costs about 10000 CHF   (6000 GBP or about 10K USD).  Click, whirr, 3 terms, 2 kids ... this is about 36,000 British pounds per year, and this is primary school! 

And so to summarise:

The next time somebody tells you that they are /doing well/ or /cutting back/ just ask them exactly what they mean

One persons's idea of success or expensive may not correlate with another.   It really rather depends on the viewpoint.

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