Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Obsessive Charging Syndrome

The gift of self-analysis or reflection is one of the classic and noteworthy tests for the human condition.  It is something that is supposed to separate us from other sentient species on this planet.

So I began to think about Marcus' descent into something that I have called

OCS: Obsessive Charging Syndrome.

The typical behaviour is that I don't wish for the portable lights, phones, fitness monitors or audio equipment that I carry whilst out of the house to run out of power unexpectedly.

So I admit to placing them back on charge in our above DIY built charging station whenever I return home in Lausanne.

Agata conversely horrifies me with my perception of her so called  lackadaisical random and what seems to me: excessively infrequent charging strategy.

Before you consider an answer I would get your mind into a thinking mode and pickup a copy of David and Nigel's Philosophy Bites  It will help you to determine whether it is perhaps you and not me who is totally crazy.

So, Obsessive Charging Syndrome.  Curse or gift.  What do you think?

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