Wednesday, February 12, 2014

minoSharp Water Sharpener for Knives

So Marcus, with Valentines day approaching are you seriously suggesting you provide a tool that will provide your partner with a razor sharp set of Knives.

Well yes.

This is a short review of the minoSharp knife sharpener.

I'm assuming that you have invested in a set of quality knifes for your kitchen.  If you did not I'd recommend a set of Japanese G series GLOBAL  knives to get you started.

We buy the knives and use them regularly, but how many of us forget to have them sharpened.

In the old days the Cook would do that sort of thing, and in even earlier times the Knife Sharpening man would come around and knock on the door, well at least in London.

Today this task is normally back with us the owners!

So again I'd recommend a modest investment in (for example) a minoSharp knife sharpener.


Simply fill with tap water, then first put the knife in the left slot (marked 1) and slide in and out.  Then repeat in slot 2.  Time to sharpen less than 60 seconds for 1 knife

So in less than 10 minutes your knives will be ultra sharp again and ready for some more hot chopping and cutting action.


minoSharp Water Sharpener
GLOBAL knives