Monday, February 10, 2014

Lausanne Pigeons

Subtitle: In Lausanne we even legislate the Pigeon well being

I have never been a great fan/ supporter of pigeons. 

But I was amused when I saw the above poster telling me that feeding the pigeons could actually increase infant Pigeon mortality and I should stop it!

In general I would remark that Lausanne has enough money to have a whole pro Pigeon campaign.  Website:

Since the pages are not available natively in English I offer some translations:  (click to zoom)

And so I would summarise by saying that yes here in Lausanne the Canton has even thought about our Pigeons.

And if you think the Swiss think too much about Pigeons just wait until you see the laws regarding Hamsters or any social animal.

Swiss Animal Protection Act 1978
Swiss Rent a Hamster
2008 Swiss Animal Rights Law

Correct Keeping of Animals
2 Guinea Pigs
Ordinance 455.1 on the Protection of Animals 2008