Monday, February 03, 2014

IKEA DIODER: Light up my darkness

IKEA has seemingly discontinued all Flourescent Tube based lighting products.  So we are gently exploring the LED replacement alternatives.

In general LED lights have uses as background lighting, but it is difficult to get sufficient light from them as compared to filament or flourescent tubes, hence our reluctance until now.

We have just finished testing DIODER.  What is it and why is it just brilliant , well for us ....

DIODER is a battery powered, 6 LED light strip with a on off light sensor

It is designed to be placed inside a drawer.   When a drawer is opened the LED lights start for 15 seconds, and when the drawer closes it shuts down after a further 5 seconds.

I believe the trigger is a motion rather than light sensor.

BUT:  You can place it anywhere

In a clothes Cupboard: When door opens, light comes on

On a wall by our Car: The garage auto lights are dodgy, when I approach the car the light triggers

In my Computer Testing Rack: As I approach, the light switches on briefly, allowing me time to connect or disconnect my gadgets from the charging stations.

Let us overlook the tight, sealed and extremely difficult to open plastic package.  The Dioder costs practically nothing! About 15GBP  (25 CHF)

Dioder requires 6, AAA batteries (not supplied).   You put the batteries into the holder which snaps to the white body of the unit.  Then using the provided double sided sticky tape attach to any flat surface.

Summary:  Dioder is an inexpensive and innovative, automatic on/ off battery powered LED light.  Recommended

(Note Other DIODER styles are available)