Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dyson Hot and Cool AM05 Review

We have been the proud owners of a Dyson Hot and Cool for over 3 months now, so we feel qualified to post this short review.

Cool Features

Most people are drawn to the different is not radical redesign of the classic fan heater by Mr Dyson.

Essentially air is drawn from the base and then  ejected upwards and out from the open hoop towards you.

Dyson AM05 Hot and Cool

Our motivations for buying the unit were

a) Conventional fan heaters don't heat a room, rather a limited area just in front of the unit.  The Dyson with a vastly higher air flow promises to heat a much larger volume

b) A single unit is a heater and a fan in hot weather.  Whilst we have a portable air conditioner it is large, bulky, difficult to setup.   If we had one unit that we can use for winter heating and summer cooling it would be more efficient.

c) Our old fan heater bit the dust.  We needed a replacement.

Other Interesting Points / Facilities
  • As noted it can heat or just fan, in which case it has a cooling effect

  • The unit has a remote control that magnetically sticks to the unit top when not in hand.  This means (for example) you can plug it in to heat the bedroom, then before you nod off just remotely power it down.  Nice
  • The airflow is really huge. Much, much larger than a conventional heater

  • The unit can tilt forward or backward to direct the hot air down or up.   I can preheat my running shoes before stepping out into the <10 degree C coldness of the morning.
  • The unit has a motorised pan action.  Also regulated via the remote control

  • The temperature can be set and the unit regulate its' output until this is achieved.

What's not to like?

  1. The price is still stratospheric!
  2. The lowest fan setting is too fast for Marcus,  and the consequence is that it is noisier than the /slower/ fan heater that is replaces

A fine fan heater and at the price we hope that it serves us well for quite a few years to come.


Dyson Hot and Cool website