Friday, February 07, 2014

Cloverload - Clothes Overload

A shameful thing happened on Tuesday.   We have only 2 rooms for all clothes and in the second  the /Sports/  room I opened Agata's cupboard.   I saw the white plastic Box on the right marked

Long Black Tops.

Oh, I innocently remarked to Agata, so you have a box of tops too.

No, that is your box!   came the astonishing answer.

So now; I hang my head in shame.  Clearly a box full of my clothes that I had not missed for months or longer!   Upon examination it contained a lot of Winter style 'Long Black Tops' 

Since as good citizens both Agata and Marcus were raised with the mantra that:

Clothes must be worn out and not thrown out

Marcus has got a whole lot of wearing to do!