Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breathe with me

Pink Floyd:Breathe

 In the interests of full disclosure I can say that I have had a moderate to severe Breathing disorder for some months now.

To my surprise I found some close friends have some similar issues. And so, since I have 

Symptom:  Breathing not clean.  Wheezing.  Feels like air restriction at chest or in neck. Sinus blockage

Issues:  Unexpectedly breathless during moderate exercise.   Impossible to perform strenuous/ extreme exercise.

Marcus Solutions so far

A=Technical Analysis

  • X Rays of chest - checking for lung issues
  • Blood Test - Check for normality
  • Analysis of lung capacity - Connected up to machines at a specialist clinic to monitor lung capacity, oxygen uptake/ processing
  • VO2 Max - See how oxygen uptake can be performed at the limit with extreme effort.

The tests can show that nothing disasterous has happened to lungs but that capacity is not correct.   Assuming the case onto drugs:

B= Drugs

Here is the current drugs coctail that is keeping me alive/ breathing.

Prorhinel is basically salt water in a plastic capsule.  You can make your own, and in future I will instead of paying a kings ransom for these plastic dispensers.

In the morning head back, squirt into each nostril whilst holding breath.  Head forward and it and stuff comes out. Wash.

This is a basic cleanse/ level set for the morning.

Some cheap sprays from the local Aldi supermarket.  On the left again basically Salt Water, on the right contains Panthenol which can aid nasal lubrication.  Use anytime for relief.

Contains a bronchodilator that relaxes muscles in the airways to improve breathing and increases lung capacity.  Take before extreme exercise.

Nasonex contains mometasone furoate monohydrate which is a steroid to reduce inflammation in the airways. Take before moderate exercise.

Don't neglect the ears.  Audiclean is basically Salt Water in a pressured container you squirt into ears and then drain out.

Also Swimming in a chlorinated pool is quite a good ear cleanser.

So I am now stabilised.  I'm able to run upto my 20Km daily plod/ trot without issue (though not quickly), and I wait for a full recovery when my airways will again be clean and my lung capacity back to normal.


And so to conclude: Breathe with Me

Breathe with me (relax)