Saturday, February 01, 2014

A lifetime with IKEA

IKEA: Cats

It was not the only reason to take last Friday as a holiday for Agata but our visit to local IKEA was certainly one of the highpoints of the day for both of us.

For more than 25 years now I have had the pleasure of shopping at IKEA.  Today in Switzerland, but in previous years in England, America or Hong Kong to name but a few.

To me IKEA means a store with Well Engineered products at prices that ordinary people can afford.   Care and attention is made to make a product simple enough for you to construct at home.

If we cast our mind back to the Home furnishing stores of the late 1980's in England with limited product lines, high prices, difficult construction,  incomplete and part product deliveries, IKEA showed us a better way.

Sure you need to have judgement about what you buy, anybody can make their home a domicile for tat  but IKEA items are known to us for their simplicity.  We like that.

And so today:

We saw some interesting sights

We stopped off at the Restaurant for a meal

We paid a fair price:  9CHF for 8, CFR2032 batteries compared with 5CHF for 1 battery in the Coop Supermarket.  [Welcome to Switzerland].

We bought 2 bowls

And discarded 3

Less, always less.