Thursday, February 06, 2014

A Hard Days Night

A Hard Days Night

For some months now I have had a sleeping disorder.  Since recently I've also encountered  some additional health problems I visited the local doctor and then a specialist at home here in Lausanne Switzerland.

I am now back with some further medication and a diagnosis of what might be keeping me awake and stopping me breathe.

Overall sleep can be a problem for Computer people in general so it was difficult for Marcus to tell whether this was just another late night month.

When Agata is sleeping Marcus is often to be found walking around, improving the Computer Infrastructure, with the Petzl firmly attached for extra lighting

Geeks may indeed recognise the syndrome whereby /I am just going to try one more thing/  leads to an all too usual  03.00 bedtime.   But when it begins to happen daily it makes a 07.00 awakening a little tricky.

So what are the learning points for me?

  • A 03.00 bedtime is not acceptable anymore.  And the Swiss official bedtime is about 22.00 .  I am very, very late
  • I'm going to set myself a nightly shutdown time, and try and stop pottering 01 hours before that curfew
  • I think the poor sleeping time is also leading to the insomnia and other health issues, a sort of vicious circle.
  • I will take the vast array of medicines that have been recommended for me.  I trust in the Science.
  • Despite the difficulties I will remain an advocate of regular exercise, well of course!