Friday, February 21, 2014

A Big Worm

Quite a loud shriek was heard last night whilst I was having a shower at home in Lausanne. Then I heard Agata say:

There is a huge worm in our Washing Machine

Clearly I thought that I had misheard something.  So with water dripping all over the floor (from me) I ran into the utility room.

Agata repeated:  There is a huge worm in our Washing Machine.

Indeed pulling back the rubber I saw a fat earthworm of about 15cm sitting inside the folds of the washing machine liner.

[Above is a reconstruction, because I grabbed large worm and threw it down the toilet before thinking about taking a photo]

This seemed quite impossible.  I mean how the hell did it get there?

Did we pickup a large worm onto our clothes whilst running? Then innocently transport it into the washing machine without noticing?

It seems impossible.

Did a small worm somehow crawl through the water exit, into the washing machine, past the filters, feed on washing powder and 40-50 degree C water, and lie in wait for us?

It seems impossible!

As an obsessively clean couple Marcus and Agata do in fact clean inside the washing machine, and the liner, and I did this about a week ago.  Agata tells me she cleaned after that.

Our fuller list of Possible Explanations

  1. Worm was on clothes (How, since we have only road run recently?).  We did not notice?  We put clothes in. Somehow the bugger crawled from the main spinning compartment into the outer sleeve.
  2. Worm crawled up exit water pipe (from basement 3 floors below), past filters, into washing machine?
  3. We were both hallucinating
  4. Somebody broke into our flat (without signs of entry), planted a worm in the washing machine and left
  5. The Worm was sent from the Worm GOD, who was irritated that humankind had until now ignored him/her.

I asked Mr Google and he did not know.  I asked friends far and wide and nobody has ever had a similar occurrence.