Friday, January 24, 2014

Will She or Won't She

Subtitle: New Phone Darling?

For Marcus and Agata to keep in touch with each other we very much rely on our Mobile Phones.

As tech savy people you will know that Google killed off Latitude  replacing some of its functionality with Google + locations

There is just one small catch!

If you turn on location sharing via the Google Plus link

Example: Marcus discloses pinpoint location to Agata
&& Agata discloses pinpoint location to Marcus

then,  we find it does not work if the broadcasting device is an iPhone.  Blinking typical!

This, combined with the reasons that 

  • Apple iPhone 4, does not have Bluetooth 4, required by many of our fitness gadgets e.g non Ant+ Heart Rate Monitors
  • Reception at her workplace on Orange is weak.  A new phone could be superior?

  • Agata uses the phone for hours each day as her Music Player, Phone, Internet Portal.   She has cost justified a new phone, over, and over, and over.

prompts me to say ... New Phone, hint, hint.

So will she or won't she?

I can only make suggestions.  Ironically, the talk of a giant iPhone6 spurs Agata into thinking about changing now.   The last thing even a techie needs is to be seen walking down the street with a huge tablet sized phone against the ear.  Not cool.

Now she could go for a lovely Android phone  (and surely I am not biased) but my bets are it will be another iPhone ...

As usual  for the last word I refer you to my good friends at the Joy of Tech, for their Friday cartoon   

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