Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Swiss Car Taxation Game

We received our yearly taxation bill for our little Audi Car here in Switzerland and was shocked to find out that the Government asked us for  971CHF    (1080USD or 650GBP)

At first viewing I was convinced they had it wrong.  The Audi TT does not weigh 1875Kg.

Here are the full facts

Base Car Manual       1450 Kg
Base Car S-Tronic     1475 Kg  (Directive 80/1268/EEC)
Car + 1 Passenger + 7Kg Luggage  1550 Kg (92/21/EWG)
Maximum Permissible Weight   1875 Kg

I discounted the idea that the Swiss Government would tax a car based on its maximum gross weight, since that would be totally illogical and just a little ridiculous.  Why, what would the tax be on a minivan I hear you ask, a minivan whose maximum gross weight would be just disproportional to its actual weight.

There then followed what is in respect; some comical letters to the Swiss Motor licensing authority as I asked them to consider a tax based on other values.   I thought the maximum logical weight would be the 1550Kg value.

This is based on the International European Standard 92/21/EWG

Today I took some time to consult a Swiss Motoring Expert.

Guess What.

In Switzerland, they do indeed & ridiculously IMHO, base the tax on the MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE weight for your motor vehicle.

So the formula is:

Tax = 40 + 
(0.15 * Weight upto 2000Kg) +
(0.3 * Weight over 2000Kg) +
(2 * power upto 100KW) +
(3 * power > 100 KW)

So for us this is 40 + 281.25 + 200 + 450 = 971.25 CHF

Currently there is no benefit for buying low Carbon Co2 engines such as ours.

We also checked, there is no reduction for rarely, if ever driving the car ...

So is there any good news?

Well indeed yes.   Marcus and Agata had planned to indulge in either the baby Audi TT RS or the Nissan GT-R.  However after living with the GT-R for a week  (as a test), we found that the lack of a Hatchback was a real deal breaker.

(For a full review:  Check our Week of GT-R living)

Now, let us do the taxation calculation for Mr GT-R, based on the pre-posterous GT-R Maximum Total Car Weight (2200Kg) that the Swiss tell me is their regulation:

Tax =  40 + .15 * 2000 + (2200-2000) * .3    + 2*100 + (390-100)* 3 

= 1440 CHF

So the GT-R is almost 50% more expensive.  So we try to think of it as having saved money!

Agata further consoled me that if we had stretched to Marcus's other favourite the Continental, the yearly tax bill would have been an astounding 1734 CHF yearly.

But really. Switzerland. Overall: Not playing fair.



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