Friday, January 31, 2014

The Cycling Tools

Winter in Lausanne seems to be fast disappearing so it was time to review the mandatory cycling essentials that Marcus and Agata carry on every ride.

By every ride, I mean on every ride except a race.  For a cycling race, example Triathlon we would endeavour to strap all essentials to our bicycles or ourselves.

Or course if there is no time pressure or if in the event of a breakdown you can call a Butler for rescue then disregard the following.  Else read on:

For Marcus, the 1190 gram package includes the excellent OMM Ultra 15 Rucksack, reviewed here

As per review this is large enough to carry your cycling toolkit, plus your daily essentials on the way to work, say a Tablet, phone, and some lightweight clothes.

So what is inside?

Bottom left: Muji Wallet

In left mesh pocket:   Felix Party Mix  (emergency kitty food) and Zipvit ZV10 Energy Chews (emergency human food)

In the top pocket a Lowe Alpine wind and water resistant jacket with hood.  Protection from the elements.  Also about 100 GBP   (150 CHF) of loose notes and a coin for emergencies.

On the right the trusty Apple iPod Nano  gen7

In the Centre the Cycle Toolkit and the Lock

The Abus lock is strong and streamlined.  It's old but I can't find a better one.  I have tried!

The toolkit contains

The Carbon Fibre pump
Lezyne Carbon Fibre 5 Multi Tool
Cannondale Plastic Tyre Levers
Continental Supersonic Inner Tube
Cassette Lockring remover
Surgical glove and tissue

The most important toolkit check is testing! So the next time I do a routine pre-emptive tyre and tube change at home I'll use the toolkit to make sure it all works, from taking the tyre off with the levers to pumping up with the handpump.

So back to our cycling audience, what do you carry on your regular rides and did I miss anything?