Friday, January 17, 2014

Switzerland in Figures

UBS wrote to us and said they could free of charge ship their publication "Switzerland in Figures".  We were quite exited and thought a large leatherbound exquisite portfolio might arrive.

Instead a small paper pamphlet came and then [astonishingly] I found it is available publicly from UBS on the web.   I was not so special after all !


These are the other pages so we can all learn something

What did I learn, especially about the Canton in which we live  (Vaud, VD)

  • 733,000 People in Vaud
  • Almost 24% are foreigners, Wahoo!
  • Canton revenue 8797 M CHF
  • Canton expenditure 8791 M CHF,  we balanced!
  • 6% of the Vaud inhabitants are Millionaires
  • 62 new car registrations per 1000 per year
  • Foreign trade surplus
  • Housing vacancy rate 0.56% !!