Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Sermon: Female Inequality in Religion

Now that I have some more time I have (of course) been scanning even more paper documents that I have found at home. This time it is

Women In Islam

Agata and Marcus picked up a guide called Women in Islam whilst we were on a Diving holiday in Oman whilst visiting  the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.  You can of course read about that day in January 2012 here

The free guide was from the Discover Islam shop.  This was situated just opposite the gift shop from which we purchased the above face mask.  Only available for Women.

Back to the Guide.

At first and subsequent readings; the summary would be that commonly held idea that Islam discriminates against women  (as compared to Men, other beings) is

Just a terrible misunderstanding.

Again, I invite you to read the guide.

For Agata and Marcus we believe that there needs to be Absolute equality between the sexes.  In particular

The word, weight in Law or  within the marriage or relationship between the Man and Women is equal.  No ifs and buts, no qualifications.

If a Man is allowed to beat his wife then the reverse shall apply unconditionally.  But ideally, matters should be settled in words and not via violent physical actions.

Men and Women should be allowed to wear what clothing they like without coercion.

And here endeth the lesson for this Sunday.

Peace be upon his noodle.